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London Bridge Malayalam Movie Story Review Cast and Crew



Producer: Satish B.
Director: Anil C Menon.
Screenplay: Jinu Abraham
Music: Gopi Sundar
Cinematography: Jithu Damodar
Cast: Prithviraj, Andrea Jeremiah, Nanditha Das, Mukesh, Prathap Pothen, Lena.

Movie with a foreign visual difference always blooms the mind of the views to an extend.  Anil.C.Menon first attempts for a romantic drama with finally end up in ‘ London Bridge’. But eye catching locations,  promising premise and quality actors not withstanding the movie falls short of being a worthy feel good love story. Lack of consistent inventiveness in story telling stunts the movie making it a case of a missed opportunity.

Vijay Das(Prithviraj) is an entreprising young enterpreneur based in London. Having made it big in life after starting off his expatriate life on a student visa, Vijay is a suave and charming bloke who lives life on his terms. He has a close friend and mentor in Francis(Mukesh) and goes about his life in a flashy manner with a posh villa and swanky cars. Film gets off the blocks with a panoramic view of London streets and the heavenly looking countrysides. The self obsessed Vijay’s vaulting ambitions  and quirk of fate results in his life criscrossing with the lives of two women belonging to entirely different backgrounds. Another London based Malayali millionaire businessman Nambiar(Prathap Pothen)  finds Vijay an ideal suitor for his only daughter Pavithra(Andreah Jeremiah),whose philanthropic eccentricities is a major cause of concern for him. Pavithra is not just another young lady who finds satisfaction in earthly riches. She wants to devote her life for the service of humanity and marital bliss is not a priority for her.

Vijay though not bowled over by her charms, finds her riches too tempting to resist. Merin( Nanditha) a Malayali nurse about to join her job in London, accidentally enters his life at this juncture to throw a spanner into the designs of Nambiar and Vijay himself. Film turns a corner as love descends upon the premise. The promise that the film held at the half way stage fails to develop as the romantic interludes lack the emotional depth and enamouring charm. The oft seen money versus love question is the crux around which the tale revolves.Though it tries not to be a triangular love story in the conventional sense, ultimately it ends up as one. Melodramatic scenes that the climactic portions  is ridden with takes the movie further down to deeper waters.

Lack of humour and emotionally engaging scenes can be overlooked but where London Bridge fails to connect big time is  the lack of romantically levitating scenes. Being a love story it is natural to expect some heart tugging scenes that will satisfy the diehard romantics. Jinu Abraham’s  writing is mundane to the hilt and he brings nothing new to the table. Songs which should have been the most appealing element of a film of this sort appear strictly average. The camera of Jithu captures the London landscape with ease. But then the locations are too picturesque for them to be made look ugly.

Prithviraj is by all means the main girder of this bridge and it is his drop dead looks and cultivated and elegant mannerisms that make London Bridge pleasant at least in fits and starts. It is a while since we saw him in a love smitten avatar. Though the romantic expressions and the vulnerable demeanour of a lover dont come to him naturally,he more than makes it up with his made up mannerisms. Two lead ladies Andreah and Nanditha look gorgeous but their portrayals left a lot to be desired. Newcomer Nanditha looks pretty but her emoting is pedestrian. Prathap Pothen is good as a millionaire with a cruel streak lurking beneath his sophisticated exterior. Mukesh is his usual self while Sunil Sukhada is  wasted in a poorly written role. Lena and other actors are passable and are not worthy of particular mention.

‘London Bridge’ was in the making for a long time. And coming as it does during a purple patch of its lead star Prithviraj,portents were pretty good for this bridge to connect with the audience. But a shaky foundation and shabbily laid surface ensure that the journey through this bridge wont be an entirely smooth experience.

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